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If you are interested in saltwater big game fishing, then you have come to the right place! At Tiburon Engineering, we pride ourselves in being a leading innovator in the big game fishing tackle industry since 1989.

Tiburon Smart Shift® automatic 2-speed reels, Quick Change™ high performance reels, and T-Bar articulated reel handles are just a few of Tiburon Engineering’s creative and original product designs.

Tiburon’s Smart Shift® 2-speed fishing reels automatically shift between gears. The patented 2-speed, auto-shift transmission ensures that you are in the right gear all the time. Smart Shift® saltwater fishing reels help avoid tossed hooks and line wrapped fish. A Tiburon Smart Shift® lever drag reel represents the finest in big game fishing reels. No other saltwater fishing reel does the shifting for you.

The Tiburon Smart Shift® automatically shifts into low gear for cranking power, then instantly shifts into high-gear to quickly gain line when the fish jumps or makes a hard charge to the boat.

Creating products that feature incredible performance, subtle beauty and years of reliability is a tradition at Tiburon Engineering. Please enjoy your visit, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our products or our company.

Captain Steve Torres Sandro Onofaro Takashi Sakiyama Richard Hoffman
New personal best on sst 8.2.1


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